Sunday, 11 July 2010

McLaren Thesis Project IED final


Sergey Konkov said...

Даже не знаю, какие в таких случаях нужно подбирать слова. Hervorragend!

Maksym Shkinder said...

Serega, ya ne znau, 4to eto bly..d!!! HERVORRAGEND!!
=) Vasya, Ahiles!=)

Reggiani said...

Wooooooow!!!!!!!!! This is so A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

I can't understand how you can do something like this... this is unbelievable! Your sketches, your renders, your technologic research, your designs and yours ideas are simply impressive!!

Compliments Vasilij!!

P.S. Who invented the gyroscopic suspension system in 50th?

Vasiliy Kourkoff said...

Russianzzz :) ZIL actually.

BTW thank you.

Reggiani said...

Thanks Vasiliy, I've found it!

Compliments again! ;)